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5,555 Sloths on the Solana Blockchain!

Our mission is to build a community around inclusivity and accessibility in the NFT space, while creating a safe and healthy space for people to grow and put their mental health first.

Psych conceptualized our Sloths after having a DMT induced plant medicine experience in the middle of the Mayan Mexican Jungle. That birthed her mission to promote awareness regarding the incredible benefits of psychedelics for mental health treatment.

Join the slothie snuggle and community in Discord!

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5,555 Slothies are released on the Solana Blockchain!

Minters of the 2 Golden Slothies win a Ayahuasca Retreat (Or value in $SOL).

At mint sell out DAO is activated.

Holders will have votes regarding use of charitable and community funds.

Online Store opens with exclusive Psychedelic Sloth Merch! Personalize a hoodie, mug, and more with your very own Slothie!

Surprise NFT airdrops to Psychedelic Sloth holders!

Ongoing partner collaborations and holder perks will be announced.